I2E has always been committed to satisfying its customers and all interested parties in a spirit of continuous improvement and performance. Today, our vision is focused more deeply on the principles of sustainable development focused on economic growth, social equity, environmental protection, the preservation of health and the safety of our employees, taking into account risks, the opportunities and the context of society.


  1. Satisfaction of relevant interested parties
  • Customers: Ensure active listening to our customers to meet their requirements and quality requirements, deadlines, HSE and anticipate their expectations and changing needs of the market;
  • STAFF: Develop staff skills through continuous training and providing them with the necessary means while continuously involving the respect of our customers requirements and encouraging them to adopt a responsible attitude vis-à-vis the environment, safety and health at work
  • Subcontractors and service providers: Ensure compliance with contractual commitments and those regarding deadlines and payment
  •  Partners: Ensure a qualitative conformity of the services provided and the respect of the requirements in terms of deadlines and working conditions


  1. Compliance with regulatory, contractual and internal requirements
  • Comply with regulatory and client requirements for work quality, environment, safety and health at work sites and intervention sites
  • Periodically assess regulatory compliance with our activities
  • Apply our internal provisions QHSE


  1. Development of a preventive approach for managing the risks of accidents and incidents in order to avoid any harm to the health of the personnel as well as any damage to the environment in the context of our activities
  • Organize trainings and sensitization on HSE operational concepts
  • Evaluate and control operational risks
  • Preserve the environment and master the waste generated


  1. Cost control
  • Master the costs and deadlines of our projects


  1. Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Develop a meaningful and effective communication with all stakeholders to improve the performance of our business
  • Implement knowledge management and master the key knowledge to sustain the excellence of the realization of our operational activitie
  • Periodically monitor and evaluate the relevance and adequacy of this policy

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